Riplate® RW 96 plus aus PP - 1 ml black, 20 Pcs/Box

Riplate® RW 96 plus aus PP - 1 ml schwarz/ Riplate® plus PP - 1 ml black, 20 Pcs/Box

Deepwell plate – standard in multifunction Raised wells reduce the risk of cross-contamination and increase the security of heat-sealing or sealing with adhesive films. Optimized footprint according to the SBS standard. For use in a thermocycler or for defrosting of samples in a hot-water bath, Riplate® plus was developed. For applications with extreme temperature circumstances like freezing or defrosting in a microwave. The U-shaped well bottom reduces the death volume. Due to the high chemical resistance ideal for sensitive diagnostic applications. 20 Pcs/Box

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