Riplate® 384 SW, 120 µl, V-bottom, 60 Pcs/Box

Riplate® 384 SW, 120 µl, V-bottom, 60 Pcs/Box

Riplate® 384 optimized for smaller volumes. Available in PS and PP for automated screening and storage systems. Alphanumericmarking for sample identification. Round cavities for reduced capillary forces.With flat well bottom – ideal for microscopic and optical applications.With V-bottom for high sample recovery. 3 mm high frame for a stable and slip-free stacking. Higher well rims avoid cross-contamination and allow a better closure of plates with adhesive films. Clear (PS): for microscopic applications. Transparent (PP): the perfect storage plate. White (PS): for optimized luminescence measuring, significant reduction of beams from the background or other wells (cross-talk). Black (PS): autofluorescence is avoided due to pigmentation of the plates. 60 Pcs/Box

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