Riplate® SW 96 aus PP - 2 ml, black, 20 Pcs/Box

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Riplate® SW 96 aus PP - 2 ml, schwarz / Riplate® PP - 2 ml, black, 20 Pcs/Box

Riplate®SW (= square wells) have been developed for optimal use of capacity when it comes to sample storage. Due to the SBS-format the outside dimensions of Riplate are given. Form follows function: the construction of cavities is crucial for a maximum absorption of liquids. Thin-walled and parallel cavities ensure a maximum of contamination free sample storage per well. Every Riplate®SW has an alphanumeric marking. For closing Riplate®SW respective cap mats made by Ritter can be used as well as adhesive foils. In addition the plates can be closed by hot-sealing. Analytical methods as for example chromatography can detect lowest impurities. For this reason Riplate®SW is manufactured out pure polypropylene without lubricants for an immaculate and secure analysis. The relatively high volume allows closing of riplate with capmats without any liquid displacement and cross-contamination towards comparable plates with lower volume of other manufacturers. Total volume: max. 2.5 ml/wellWorking volume: 50 ?l up to 2.4 mlWell-shaped U-bottomIncluding capmat 96 for a leak-proof closure. 20 Pcs/Box

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