One of our laboratory suppliers is Stratec. The manufacturer of many of our kits (f. ex. the Invisorb® Blood Universal Kit) will be holding a meeting in the next few days, which we are going to attend!


Our concept:

We buy from smaller manufacturers who produce high quality products. We can therefore ensure an ideal cost-benefit-ratio, which is why Ibl hardly receives any complaints.

Examples of articles that we offer:

Incubator: for an optimal environment for cultivation you need a machine in which you can put the Petri dishes. This is where the culture of microorganism you want to grow should be under ideal circumstances (f.ex. temperature conditions) and therefore protected from unwanted external influences. Our instrument is easy to use, has a heater, a humidifier and gas flow control and is also suitable for inverse microscopy.

Microfluidics Pump, LSPOne: a high-precision-pump for transferring liquids to cells – it can control fluids, which are very small – I´m speaking of nanolitres! It´s also uncomplicated to handle.

Labcycler: We offer different devices - have a look under Laboratory and then PCR devices! Some blocks can be controlled with a main device. We have also certain “accessories" to offer. F.ex.: Connecting cables or various thermoblocks.


You will find more articles in our laboratory catalogue (click: Catalogues and then Downloads) or in our online shop!

If you have a question to one of the products, please do not hesitate to contact or ! In one of my further entries I would like to tell you from the meeting with Stratec more details!

A. Steurer


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