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This patented sock offers much more than just non-slip soles. We had a nice conversation with the manufacturer of Pure Socks at the ISPO in Munich. We think this sock is 100% ideal for doing sport, there can not be more options to complete socks (challenge us;). The Pure Socks have, as mentioned, a non-slip sole and a specific orientation of the tension straps which prevents the injury mechanism and supports the neutral joint position. The antibacterial treatment PURECO® ensures the protection against bacterial infections.

This is the sock for running - the same sock with shorter shaft is perfectly for playing football.

With slight pressure, the sock prevents ankle injuries. Due to the seamless work you have a great feeling inside the sock. Different pressures and elasticities stimulate cutaneous sensory receptors, thus increasing the flow of information to the central nervous system, facilitating the activation of the muscles that actively control the injury mechanism. The non-slip sole also gives you a more secure feeling inside your shoe. The graduated compression achieved with the socks promotes venous return.

As you may already know, we and our friends like to play football. We are all fans of those socks. Give them a try and let us know how you like them!

We are looking forward to your feedbacks. Stay healthy!

If you got any questions, feel free to contact us on vertrieb@ibl.at!

M. Broser



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