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31.07.2018 15:39

History of IBL

– an insight into our history


The company IBL was founded in 1996 by DI Martin Ibl and is still in his ownership today.

In the beginning, the company offered services in the field of molecular biological analysis and environmental technology. Over the years, IBL was expanded and now covers the following fields of activity:

- Trade in building materials: The 180 different types of channels stand out here, and we also have up to 40 different point drainage systems in stock.

- Laboratory: This area starts with the sale of Petri dishes and thermocyclers and extends to DNA sequencing, which we offer as a service.

- Environmental analysis: We can carry out wastewater and drinking water analyses or leakage tests, for example on mineral oil separators or sludge traps.

- Garden and Pond: Here we offer you a wide range of products, from stilt bearings to work gloves and lawn grids to pool articles such as fountain tops and pumps.

- Food: IBL now also sells barbecue coal in addition to energy drinks, coffee and wine.

From 2007 to 2008, an office laboratory building with adjoining warehouse and a large outdoor storage area was constructed in Gerasdorf. This new building makes it possible for you to collect goods directly on site.

Since we are independent of multinational companies, we can offer you products from many different manufacturers for the best "construction solution"!


Here a few words from the CEO himself:

At the beginning I received questions from the customer side again and again regarding the wide stretch in the fields of activity of IBL: Building materials trade, laboratory trade and analysis, environmental technology, energy drinks and coffee. Why this concept? The divisions have and will give the company a stable foundation in a complex business world at any time of the year.

This development was only possible with our employees, who all have a wide variety of training backgrounds and have joined us from a wide variety of backgrounds. I will continue to improve the company structure and advance market penetration through a lean company structure, foresight and rapid situation recognition.

In the next entry I'd like to talk a little bit about the team behind IBL!

If you are interested in the history of our company, please contact us at: blog@ibl.at or visit us in Gerasdorf for a cup of coffee!


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