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Welcome to our blog!

Here I will regularly post news about IBL and record discussions within the team. In addition I would like to use this platform to tell the stories that are behind the individual products. On this page of our website you will also be informed about product features or find explanations for problems that might occur on the construction site. Furthermore I will inform you about new products that will be availiable in our shop in molecular and cellular biology.

For now, let me introduce myself: As of 2018 I am 18 years old, which means quite a few years younger than the company IBL. In addition to my employement (blog and editorial office at IBL) I am studying German Philology in Vienna as literature has always fascinated me.
I hope I can be of help through this blog or provide additional information about our Website!

If you have any Questions concerning one of the blog entries, you would like to have a specific Topic in more Detail or you have questions not yet answered in the blog,please contact us via: blog@ibl.at !

A. Steurer



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